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Education Options available through California Advanced Lactation Institute. Integrated Lactation Counselor (formerly Lactation Education Specialist) course, advanced training for IBCLC candidates, continuing education for re-certifying IBCLCs, and more.

What makes our curriculum different is experience and diversity of knowledge. Our courses go beyond Basic Breastfeeding Management to include the most current evidence and research which influence practice. The best IBCLCs practicing today are those who have maintained an open mind and who have adapted to new knowledge and findings over the years. We never stop reading and learning about things that affect human lactation and the effects of human lactation on lifelong health, and we have created California Advanced Lactation Institute to provide new avenues for us to share what we have learned.
— Adrienne & Christine, Founders, CA Advanced Lactation Institute
Our newest option, the Online Lactation Counselor Academy!

Our newest option, the Online Lactation Counselor Academy!

After you complete the ILC course, you can choose to keep going and complete the Comprehensive Lactation Intensive Program (CLIP)

2019 CLIP Dates

                                           All Class Days Run From 0800-1730

California Advanced Lactation Institute’s courses allow individuals to obtain the 90 required hours of didactic lactation education necessary for application to take the IBLCE Board Exam!  We also offer shorter workshops and conferences on topics of interest to lactation care providers.  Click the button below for details on the Comprehensive Lactation Internship Program (CLIP) in 2019.  Our program includes all the topics required by the IBCLC Detailed Content Outline from IBLCE. 

 We never charge you extra for learning materials, plus we provide continental breakfast and a catered lunch. We recognize that some individuals aren’t sure if they will want to complete all 90 hours immediately, so we offer the opportunity to enroll in the ILC course separately from the CLIP course.


Coordinating Your Personal Pathway Requires Research and Organization

Our program, the Comprehensive Lactation Internship Program (CLIP) combines education, planning, creating opportunities for clinical experience, and guidance in choosing the right practice setting for you as an individual.  

As IBCLCs who see clients in the hospital, in a community-based support group, and in private practice, we have a broader insight than many educators who may only see clients in one setting, or who may have dedicated all of their time to educating professionals.  On the days we are not teaching in a classroom, we see mothers and babies at all points along the breastfeeding spectrum, from birth to weaning at any age, and we work regularly with mothers of all ages and from many cultures. You can learn more about your instructors, Adrienne, Leslie, and Christine, by clicking here.  

We built our curriculum from the ground up, bringing in content from the best lactation textbooks, the latest peer-reviewed research, and the most experienced lactation and birth professionals practicing today.  Then we organized it into a meaningful framework designed to accompany and complement our interns’ clinical experience.  


Why It Works

Learning the principles of human lactation is only one small part of becoming an effective and professional IBCLC.  Applying the knowledge, practicing counseling skills, enhancing communication and education techniques - these are all mandatory pieces of the journey to becoming an IBCLC.  While all IBCLCs are expected to continue doing those things for all the time they are practicing, it is vital to enter the profession with a solid foundation of having practiced and polished those tools.  IBCLCs are expected to be practice-ready immediately - there’s no learning curve, particularly for those intending to practice privately and independently.  Even in a hospital or physician office setting, a new IBCLC may be the most well-trained lactation staff available to patients and is expected to be THE breastfeeding expert.

There is no substitute for clinical experience, and IBCLC exam candidates need both primary and secondary experience.  Our program integrates review and debriefing of the intern’s primary experience through journaling and case study presentations, and we provide secondary experience by creating in-class workshops to manage our own real-world case studies.  


Time & Resources

As with other allied health professions, the amount of time it takes for an individual to prepare to apply for the board exam is a significant commitment of time.  This portion of our comprehensive program will meet 5 times over a period of 3 months, allowing you to complete half of the required 90 hours of lactation-specific education.  Each session will cover 9 hours of content, including lecture-style learning, videos, case studies, group activities, clinical skills labs, documentation practice, skills sessions on curriculum preparation and adult learning styles, workshops on ethics and reading research, guest speakers on lactation support and allied modalities, and much more.  

If you are looking at this information on behalf of a group or organization, please contact us - we can bring it to you!

We offer education to healthcare providers and facilities working toward certification through the Baby-Friendly© Hospital Initiative and to facilities working to provide excellent breastfeeding care to infants in Special Care and Neonatal Intensive Care Units.  

We have prepared programs which we can present to your group, and we also offer custom presentations tailored to your group's needs!  Our curricula are fully-referenced and comply with Baby-Friendly© requirements, the AAP Breastfeeding Policy, and the Protocols of the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine.

Please fill out the form below to start the conversation about your group's needs!  We can bring our high-quality, evidence-based lactation education to your door and help advance your practice.  Whether your group is large or small, beginner or advanced, we'd like to talk about putting together a package to help you meet your goals.

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