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What's New in 2019 At California Advanced Lactation Institute

2019 is already shaping up to be a huge year for us here at California Advanced Lactation Institute!

We’re excited to be attending the California Breastfeeding Summit in January, and we look forward to seeing everyone there! Stop by our booth to say hi and talk to our instructors.

In January we kicked off our first Integrated Lactation Counselor training this year with a full classroom and even some virtual students joining us via live stream. Some students will continue on to complete all 90 hours of didactic education with us as the year progresses. We love helping our students find that connection between the scientific knowledge base on human lactation and their own existing knowledge and expertise - that’s the “integration” part of our work. Learning about the management of human lactation can be a huge paradigm shift for people and we are honored to be part of that for so many students each year!

We held our first Lactation Peer Review, a new monthly gathering which allows our interns to meet with IBCLCs and discuss clinical competencies, case reviews, and journal articles in an informal learning environment. We’ll be meeting every first Saturday of the month from 9am to 12pm at The Nest and Company.

We’re attending the USLCA conference in May and look forward to broadening our knowledge base and network of colleagues at the nation’s premier clinical lactation conference!

We’ll be helping Baby Café Bakersfield celebrate its 5th anniversary in March, a very exciting milestone for all of us here and all the amazing staff at Baby Café!

The First 100 Hours® Strategy has finally been launched and we will begin offering webinars to train lactation care providers and health care workers in the implementation of this unique program in their own practice settings.

Meanwhile, we’re reviewing new lactation books to use as texts and reference books, creating a recommended reading list, and expanding our website to provide more resources. Oh, and let’s not forget that Christine is studying because she’s due to take the IBCLC exam in October for re-certification!

Please let us know if you have any suggestions, ideas, or feedback and sign up for our email newsletter when you get a chance! We’d love to keep in touch.

Christine, Adrienne, and Leslie