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Nighttime Parenting

Research on safe infant sleep practices with links to excellent resources for parents and professionals about breastfeeding/chestfeeding and sleep

Nighttime parenting can be challenging.  We recommend the following resources to help guide you to make choices about how you parent at night based on what is known about infant development and what works best in your family.  Just like you, babies can't be forced to go to sleep.  People in general sleep when they feel secure and safe.  These resources offer you many options for how to help your baby feel comfortable so they can sleep well.  

Guide Produced by UNICEF for a Global Audience of Parents


Link to La Leche League's Sweet Sleep information, including an info graphic, printable tear sheets, and ordering info for the 2014 book

"Sweet Sleep" by Diane Wiessinger, Diana West, Linda J. Smith, and Teresa Pitman

Published by Ballantine Books, a Division of Random House (in the U.S.)


Dr Helen Ball, Professor of Anthropology at Durham University

(Also links to Infant Sleep Information Source Online with information suitable for health professionals)



Information from Dr James McKenna on Safe Cosleeping Guidelines, including "What Every Health Professional Should Know"



Scientific-Based Information about "Sleep Training" Methods

A meta-analysis of studies conducted in 2006 and published by the Journal of Pediatric Sleep regarding "sleep training" methods was, itself,  shown to be incorrectly conducted, negating the results of the meta-analysis, as shown here