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What Our Clients Say About Us

What Our Clients Say About Us…

What Our Clients Say

At the end of our courses, our clients fill out an anonymous evaluation form.  Here are some of their comments:

"This class has helped me to become excited about learning again.  Thank you so much for sharing all of your combined knowledge.  I cannot wait to take additional classes next year!"

"Awesome teaching skills.  Love coming to class.  Explained everything very well using details to help me understand better."

"I have learned a lot in this class which I will definitely use in my interaction with patients and will surely improve my teaching knowledge."

"The class was very comprehensive.  It covered a range of topics and inter-related aspects of breastfeeding."

"Very easy to learn in a relaxed and no-pressure environment."

"I really appreciate your dedication to evidence-based practice."

"Loved the class, enjoyed all the time spent together - thank you both!"

"Both of you have a passion and enthusiasm for breastfeeding that is contagious"

"Excellent, learned new information which I will be able to implement in my daily work routine.  Thank you!"

"Wide range of topics and tips for the Board exam"

"Speakers were professional, informative, well-spoken.  I was intrigued the whole time.  Love the idea of the 'First 100 Hours.'"

Are you looking for speakers with evidence, energy, and enthusiasm about breastfeeding?

We'd love to present to your audience.  Please contact us and tell us about your lactation education needs.  We offer custom presentations based on your audience, and we also have several topics prepared.

We can also provide education for large or small groups of hospital staff who require updates or initial lactation education to comply with the Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative© requirements.  If you provide the setting and the students, we will help educate and inspire your group with evidence-based lactation information and motivation to help your facility advance its journey to becoming Baby-Friendly© certified!


Why We Do What We Do

We believe it's simple: breastfeeding/chestfeeding education helps parents make informed infant feeding choices.  We collect and share the most current evidence-based information about breastfeeding/chestfeeding, and we educate healthcare professionals and the community.  

Like most lactation professionals, our journey began with personal experiences.  Today, after years of helping parents and babies through support groups and in local hospitals, we observed that many parents are unable to reach their own breastfeeding/chestfeeding goals because they are derailed by poor information from others and because our society does not honor breastfeeding as the normal way of feeding a baby.  Breastfeeding matters, and a diet of human milk matters.  It's important.  It changes health outcomes for parents and babies.  The science is already established.  What parents and babies need are people to advocate for them in the community.  Here we are.